We will give full play to the advantages of Shanghai Union International Education and Shanghai New Era International Education, and make full use of the courses, talents and other resources accumulated by the two groups in the field of international education, so as to call wenzhou international education and bilingual education brand.

Make full use of the reputation and experience accumulated by Epoch in K12 education to satisfy parents’ and students’ desire for quality education and higher education, and form the highland of wenzhou basic education. Let the two directions of “international” and “domestic” education in parallel, complement each other. Strengthen basic education in China and cultivate elite talents for national development and social progress; Strengthen international education, attract “wenzhou people all over the world”, cultivate students from a global perspective, meet the higher education needs of students’ parents, and jointly raise the reputation of the school among the people.


First, rely on the teacher. Teachers are the closest person to students and the most effective group. If every lesson, every educational moment and every contact with students bring the best educational impact, the highest educational efficiency will be achieved. Based on the professional characteristics of teachers’ work, the school will fully support every teacher and stimulate their enthusiasm. Only in this way can our education be successful.

Second, all staff to serve students. Education should always adhere to the student-centered concept, pay attention to the overall growth of each student, improve their happiness, shoulder the heavy responsibility for students. Therefore, we should deal with the relationship between home and school, actively respond to the needs of parents, and fully mobilize parents and schools to form a joint educational force. 3. Comprehensive utilization of resources. Uphold the concept of open school, open the school door, the introduction of resources. Listen carefully to the advice of leaders, experts and peers; Recruit talents, make full use of them, and make full use of them; Develop students in a rich curriculum… Adopt multiple measures to mobilize all high-quality resources and outstanding personnel to promote the development of school running.

Fourth, the whole process with the help of the system. Management is about making trade-offs and prioritizing them. To grasp the key nodes, key problems, with the point of breakthrough to drive the improvement of the surface. In the process of school management, the most important thing is to manage the time of students and teachers. Teachers and students have limited time and energy. Only when the limited time and energy are used in the most appropriate place can education be effective and the school will be welcomed by parents and recognized by the society.


Wenzhou Senma Union International School is not only a great school, but also a very special school. It involves the concerns and emotions of all parties. To run this school well is a great responsibility and a glorious mission.

The next three years, I want to be under the leadership of the department of education and of the council, actively new era with the Shanghai institute of education and the social support, full mining resources and in their place, holding on to all the staff, relying on all the students and parents, striving to wenzhou semir Concorde fundamental change in the international school, the school education in wenzhou, the forefront Become the most popular wenzhou people school.

HAI Huang