On behalf of all of us at SUIS, Wenzhou, I warmly welcome students from all over the country and the world to our school. Here, Western customs, Chinese traditions, and Wenzhou’s individual culture intertwine.

SUIS has been embracing a unique educational philosophy of East meets Wes, and committed to providing a safe, high quality bilingual education as well as personalized services to our students. Students enjoy small classes and close relationship with teachers, while choosing from a variety of courses and in-depth studies that broadens and enriches the educational experience. It is not only a place of learning, but also a social platform where students grow and learn.

At SUIS, we believe that in this increasingly global society, it is important for students to increase their international knowledge and intercultural competence. Here, there is an opportunity to develop a fully rounded personality through a wide range of social and cultural activities.

At SUIS, students enjoy the benefits of a broad ranging curriculum, which will open up a world of opportunities. Students who enjoy working hard can begin to make their dreams come true. Students who feel a passion for learning will cultivate it here. Students who possess the ambition to help solve the great challenges of our world will become leaders here.

At SUIS, while emphasizing formal learning, we also ensue our students acquire life skills. We endeavor to equip students with the ability to embrace changes and to remain positive in the face of adversity. Upon leaving SUIS, students will take with them the confidence and ability to build a productive and fulfilling future.

SUIS is the place where students will discover their own talents and potential, where hard work really pays off, and where we have all the resources that students need for their ideas to take shape. And it’s going to be more fun than a student could ever imagine.

John Zhang, M.ED


John Zhang, M.ED